Third time’s the charm, and apparently, third day’s the charm too. While resuming my reign over You Tube and Twitter, I began to finally get in the swing of things.  Sifting through articles in the Eisen email in-box to confirm LinkedIn updates,  I stumbled upon a Nettuts+ news brief that caught my attention: “50 Ways To Get Your Site Noticed.”  Aha! Perhaps THIS publication held the solution to social media success?!

I opened the link and was directed to a Carl Heaton article published on November 18 of this year. You can view it yourself here:

Now, I’m not going to  give my insight and spoon feed you all 50 tips talked about (PR involves a lot of personal research, after all), but I will  list the ones I found most useful.

1. Write Fresh and Catchy Content: Easier said than done. This one is my favorite, because I get to use, as Rodger would term, my “cheese-tastic” alliteration.  Also, who wants to read something that’s been written before? Pick your brain for a fresh focus or daring design (there’s that alliteration again!); you’ll get noticed and keep Web-surfers coming back for more!

2. Listen to Your Online Community: Feed off of feedback.  Listen to what your audience wants.  Respond and reflect on sincere comments, suggestions and requests, and if appropriate, take action! Give the people what they want (within ethical reason)!

3. Take Part in The Online Community: Follow the Golden Rule.  The only way to have a friend, or follower in this case, is to be one.  Honor thy neighbor as thyself by treating other online users and supporters the way you want to be treated. Comment and share related links.  Chances are, they’ll return the favor.

6. Use email signatures: Insert a hyperlink to your Web site under your same. Simple, but you’ll get some convenience click hits!

11. Optimize for Search Engines (SEO): Use tags and use them wisely.  For more information on this, click the following link:

16. Get on Twitter: Catchy, consuming and as corny as Twitter may sometimes be, a little bird once told me to “Tweet, Follow and Link.”  Get out there and spread the word in your niche! Market on Twitter. Tweet, tweet.

23. Help with Charity Work: What better time of year for your company to support and give to charity than the holidays?  Double bonus: makes you look and feel good!

27. Sponsor Something: Anything! Sponsor a college research project, a team, an organization or whatever else catches your interest.  Support others, and they will support you.  Again, follow the grade school Golden Rule.

45. Attend Networking Events: Being personable in person is much more effective than communicating via email.  Relationships are built on face-to-face interaction.  As much as we believe we have deep relationships with our Blackberry and unknown Twitter followers, real relationships are what last — and what matter.

47. Label Your Work.  When you put your name on something, be proud of it!  Provide your company logo and Web site for reference too.

Pretty helpful huh?  Kudos to Carl for the tips! Of course, I would read the article yourself to reap the benefits…

In office-related news, I’m going to give my “intern insight” on lunchtime.

Lunchtime at Eisen resembles a weeknight family dinner.  Everyone sits at the same square high top and shares home- and work-related stories.  It’s the one time during the day when workers aren’t pounding away at their office keyboards, running errands, designing, doing research or making client calls.  It’s a break from the busy world of business and investing where everyone focus shifts from the firm to food, (as well as Family Feud, a bit of Inside Edition and the mid-day news).

Most workers pack and store their assorted eats in the EMG café cooler, while others order out.  My preference, at least for the three days I’ve been here, is to go downstairs and grab some grub from the complex’s café and coffee joint. No leaving the premises and stepping into the cold involved!

As much as I love a coffeehouse barista’s blend, I prefer the coffee we brew here ( shocker!) 🙂 Whoever suggested putting the Folders, Maxwell, Caribou container etc. in the freezer was a genius – packs the power and locks in the flavor.  Yes, I am a self-admitted Java-junkie, who yes, is sipping some light roast right now…

In the world of the Web, check out today’s tweets and You Tube updates @EisenHotNews and a fresh Cult of the Blue Tongue post at on “Taking Hospital Transportation to New Heights.”

The LinkedIn and You Tube are still works in progress.  There’s always Wednesday.

As Carl would say – Stay Catchy, Catcald.