Welcome back, faithful followers! TGIF!

It’s finally Friday, and in the working world, you know what that means…time for your mind to wander from your work to weekend plans! Pile Christmas and insomnia on top of weekend what-to-dos, and you’re guaranteed to have to consume massive amounts of Maxwell for proper concentration.

Putting my sleepy way along  the highway to work, I looked up mid-yawn to see a sign (not the spiritual kind, but the kind plastered next to roadways by America’s Ad gods).  It read: “Success is a State of Mind.”

Although energy was waning, it caught my attention, i.e. clever and effective advertising. Perhaps inspiration, motivation and all things “extraordinary” (what Eisen emphasizes), are what get noticed among the noise? The ad contained a clear, concise underlying message with meaning: success comes from within.

Think success, a.k.a. positively, and you’re sure to see results? It all sounded too simple, yet my friend Klair is fond of a quote that reminded me of this street-side sign.  The saying goes something like this, “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

Moral of the mantra: work and see results. (Which by the way, our Facebook met quota, so thanks to all the followers and fans! I love you all; I really do!) Yet, one can’t just work and expect results; they must work effectively.

Social media isn’t a “shot in the dark,” so to speak.  You can’t just tweet every calorie you consumed and expect to get reputable followers.  What you post and expose must have a focus.

Rodger’s latest episode of That Marketing Show at http://www.theeisenagency.com/tms/?tag=that-marketing-show, featuring Sherry Madia, claims most businesses are “Tweeting in the Dark,” and offers a Social Media Survival Guide, instructing social media students like myself on how to avoid “Twitter neglect,” and stop tweeting foolish things. Tweet and post with purpose, my friends!  Ya’ll should check out Sherry’s stuff…it’s really helpful!

In other Eisen updates, I ran some intern-y errands, which means I got to leave my cubicle for a tiny tour of Newport.  Running office errands and doing paperwork, in addition to social media monitoring, were not half bad.  Again, attitude is everything.  Embrace each task as an opportunity to learn and grow.  After all, cheesy as it sounds, success is a state of mind…and apparently, so is design.

What I learned at social media design school today:

Rule one: NEVER use Comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. EVER.

Rule two: white space is your friend.

Rule three: look professional in your pamphlets and website.  They’ll look prettier, and you’ll look professional.

Rule three: Too much text on a Web site is a very bad thing. Make your page easy, readable and user-friendly.

Intern insight: Think and look like you’re professional, and you’ll be perceived that way.

See you Monday! Have a good weekend doing whatever your weekend what-to-dos may be.

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