Welcome back!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend before Christmas! (Can you believe it’s this week?!) I spent my wintry weekend fighting off those crazy holiday shoppers for parking spots, finishing up some last-minute gifts, wrapping packages and finally sending out cards, making an all in all fabulous weekend!

In talks of all things fabulous, let’s talk about fabulous PR. “Fabulous PR is all about keeping you known and making people more interested and more comfortable in doing business with you,” according to Karla Jo Helms at EzineMark.com. Amen, sister! So, how do we distinguish the “fabulous” from a faux pas?

One of the key factors in distinguishing fabulous PR from an industry faux pas is simply understanding that PR is itself misunderstood. While savoring my daily dose of Ragan’s PR Daily, I found this eyesore: “Why PR is So Misunderstood.”

The main reason why PR is misunderstood is that people don’t know what PR is. Sounds silly, but it’s true. They don’t know what it is, what it does, its limitations or how it differs from say, advertising. Throughout my internship I’ve learned to better response to the age-old questions: “What is PR?” “What is social media?” and “How do I practice both professionally and successfully”? Although I’m no expert in the field, a little knowledge and experience go a long way. Learn by doing, I say.

Throughout all of my tweeting, posting, reading and yes, tri-folding and postmarking, I’ve come to realize why social media and PR are misunderstood: they take strategy – something one doesn’t realize until they try it themselves. With PR and social media, you don’t just “play around on Facebook,” and send out press releases. Both fields encompass so much more than that. Social media, being a new branch off the PR, involves strategy and misconceptions, just like PR.

Thanks to the article, I’ve drafted my short interpretation of what people don’t understand about PR:

1. What it can and cannot do, goal-wise, etc.

2. That it’s aggressive, not passive.

3. Why they are using PR and what their money is going toward/ its uncertainties

Why? People are judging bad PR over good PR, that’s why! Comparing faux pas to fabulously crafted PR is enough to make your head spin. And the reason why people don’t understand these things, well, they’ve come in contact with a lot of bad PR “pros” over the years.

So what are fabulous social media and PR really all about?

1. A well-constructed and well sought-after strategy and plan: moving forward and taking action with the PR plan in hopes of achieving a specific, predetermined goal.

2. A firm foundation: establishing and maintaining your company/client’s reputation and goals.

3. Integrity: shedding the best light on your organization and/or client through community service. Giving and growing, so that your agency will grow in personal character and clients. (*This is why you’re using PR: it is effective! In the professional sphere, reputations matter.)

So, let’s set the record straight and do our jobs well, so people can stop comparing faux to fabulous! After all, who wants a phony when they can have the real deal?

Until Wednesday, make PR proud: keep it professional, open, honest and real 😉

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