Hello again, curious Web browsers!

Well, I made it to Wednesday: day four on the job and the middle of the work week. I’m happy to report that, as time-consuming as it may be, I’m really beginning to enjoy this journey to social media excellence (or at least understanding). Heck, in my opinion, social media people have it made; not everyone can say that their job is to play on Facebook, Twitter and blog all day. (Ha) Not to say that that’s all they do: social media savants use planned-out war-like strategy – yes, even on Facebook. And with the increased importance of social media in our digitally driven world, the need for media moguls is growing. This brings me to today’s plan of action:

The day was a mix of old and new tasks. I arrived at the office on a surprisingly sunny and bone chilling cold morning to find a decked-out Christmas tree in our entry way.  The color-coordinated blue and white ornaments (and a random wine cork) that adorned the branches perfectly matched the office’s’ blue and black decor,  fluffy white pillows and music magazines and memorabilia hanging on the wall. Yep, the atmosphere at Eisen is as rockin’ as its staff. Can’t wait to see what Rodger has up his sleeve for the office Christmas party…

Duties of the Day:

Plan of attack one: LinkedIn. Navigating LinkedIn groups is easier said than done.  The amount of content out there: discussions, groups, links, etc. posted to these various professional group and company pages is mind-boggling.  Despite the overwhelming feeling of weaving through mass, indistinguishable threads and posts, progress was made. Some pending group memberships were confirmed, and I attempted to engage other LinkedIn users through comments on their pages and by providing links of my own.  Remember that Golden Rule I talked about in my last post?  Keep your fingers crossed that they’ll do the same for me. Slow and steady wins the race.

Plan of attack two: tweeting and blogging. Which, by the way, I’m proud to say that I wrote my first Eisen press release about Eisen’s new hire 🙂  I used Rodger’s wise wisdom and guidance of course, then sent it off to the press! Here it is, if you want to check it out, (I think you’ll know someone featured): http://eisenmanagementgroup.wordpress.com/

Plan of attack three: an intern inevitable, i.e. folding papers. Although most interns groan at the thought of filing and folding anything, because it is seen as grunt work, my day’s duty was nothing of the sort.  Rodger, the big cheese of the Eisen Agency, joined me. We tri-folded (tip:rulers are great for this!), talked and watched bad daytime TV. The tedious task, although monotonous, was a nice break from tweeting, as much fun as writing clever words under 140 characters may be.  Attitude is everything, my friends.

For an update my Web-based work, check out Cult of the Blue Tongue http://cultofthebluetongue.blogspot.com/ and @EisenHotNews on Twitter. I’ll be back to reigning Twitter Friday…