In the darkest hour of The Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt took his oath of office and bravely said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The same goes for interns and all other college students scared of leaving their bar-hopping bubbles and entering the “real world.”

Disenchantment with college and fear settle in as one enters senior year, a new professional position, or starts thinking about the dreaded “F” word: the future. It is amazing to me how fear is the main cause of Bachelor-earning butterflies. After all, as new graduates and entry-level interns, what are we really afraid of? Failure, embarrassment, being unqualified or unprepared? All of these things, and course we are! But if we let fear keep us from going after what we want, how are we ever going to get anywhere? 

 The sad fact is that fear is a far more powerful emotion than we give it credit for.  The trick is learning how to think positively (yes, cheesy motivational quotes help), and tell yourself that you can succeed! 

Sorry to overload this post with rainbows of positivity, but it is unsettling how fears holds us back from speaking up or going after what we want. We somehow rationalize “that’ll never happen,” and give up trying.  Well wake up and smell the corporate world coffee! You can get your dream job or internship — you just have to get some guts and apply first!!

Take my friend Doug for instance. He’s now interning for a major men’s fashion magazine that he applied for “just to see what happens.” Low and behold, he’s got one of the greatest gigs of all my peers! I applied to my current internship without any expectations, and here I am! Stop sitting around and waiting for your dreams to happen – chase them!

Although all of this is easier said than done, the reality of the situation is that we are all human, and sometimes we let intimidation get the best of us, even years after we’ve been handed our diplomas.

Once in the field, reporters, long known to have a complex relationship with PR people, and even co-workers, can be intimidating.  Just don’t let feeling intimidated of co-workers’ accomplishments stop you from standing up and sharing your own ideas. Chances are, they’d be delighted to hear your insight (or they wouldn’t have hired you in the first place)! 

More reason to boost your corporate world confidence, check out this article on the importance of believing yourself:

For more on the intimidation issue from a PR pro, here’s an article on how to overcome the sometimes petrifying press:

It also instructs one how to avoid being seen as “spin doctors.”  Understanding the differing goals for PR people as client cheerleaders and the press as information gatherers can provide further assistance.  The unique goals  for your positions doesn’t make either of you sleazy or sneaky, you simply have different viewpoints.  With proper training and experience, working with the press can be a harmonious relationship.  Be nice to the press, be professional, be open and honest and in-line with your organization’s objectives, and they’ll do the same for you. 

Brad Phillips offers more tips on how to avoid being pigeon-holed by the press in his Mr. Media Training blog. Check it out!

In office news, I’m manning the front desk all week and feeling pretty professional and official answering phones and such.  The phone lines are a surprisingly complicated network of communication. From answering phones to transferring to voice mailboxes, dialing desk codes, pushing hold buttons and extension lines, etc.,  being the Eisen secretary takes skill!

In other agency news, there was an in-office roundtable meeting this morning where we “catch balled” ideas off each other.  For clarification, “catch balling” is a new Eisen water cooler word, used by someone in reference to brainstorming/bouncing ideas off each other. Kinda catchy…(Ha, that was corny).

The Knight of The Roundtable -like meeting was a success, as the year is winding down for clients nearing Christmas.  Time to do year-end tasks and clean out the desk! 

If the Cincy snow doesn’t get the best of me, I’ll be back to my Web reign Wednesday. I’ll tweet you then!

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