I can’t believe today’s my last day at Eisen! It’s almost surreal. In fact, I’m in disbelief. December came and went – out like the chilly Cincinnati wind, whipping the falling flakes across the Tri-State. Yet my end at Eisen marks a new beginning: a new intern, a new blog and a chance for me to walk away with new skills and knowledge from my colleagues.

Eisen was a great experience: an opportunity to explore social media and get a look inside the operation of a successful investor and public relations firm. I saw industry successes and failures: from picked up and published stories to the pitched attempts; from content clients to the complainers; from blog hits to misses and some tweets re-tweeted and others overlooked…Through it all, I learned to accept failure along with success and grow, as a person and as a professional.

I learned that you have to start from scratch. That “getting there” involves doing your work, research and reading the paper. A good attitude can get you anywhere, while a pair of stilettos in the snow will barely get you to the door. So, put on a smile and a good pair of shoes and wow your co-workers with confidence and enthusiasm!

I am grateful for my December at the rockin’ Eisen agency and owe my intern expertise to the Big Cheese and his colleagues. Through all the round table lunches, tweeting, tri-folding and trips across the street to sip and socialize, I listened and learned what being extraordinary is all about and gained  insight on how to avoid getting licked by the competition. Although I’m sad to step down from my Twitter throne, I’m honored to pass the internet legacy on to the next intern, whose media musings you can read at Eisen Intern Endeavors (close but no Catherine) at  http://eiseninternendeavors.wordpress.com

All this linking and posting has caused me to wonder where the future of social media is heading and what I can expect to be up against when I enter the workforce in June of 2012. Fortune asked something very similar in their article “Are social media jobs here to stay?” at http://management.fortune.cnn.com/2010/12/21/are-social-media-jobs-here-to-stay/

Saying that social media is evolving into more of a skill set than a profession, something which I can agree with after using a hit and miss strategy to “get noticed on the ‘Net,” there is no doubt that profession or well-practiced, the demand for social media is growing. Although it is difficult to predict where the social media demand will be in 10 years, due to technology, the fact it that in order to avoid necessary crisis communication, you can’t turn just anyone loose on Twitter. Practice and please, preview before you post. There’s a lot of weight in what you write and controlling content on the Internet by making wise wording and linking choices is essential. Just read the article and see for yourself. What do you think about the future of social media? Comments are welcome and encouraged 🙂

During my time as an intern, not only did I learn, but I felt a part. Eisen welcomed me with open arms through lunch dates, shared board room cookies, outings and even tri-folding tasks. Through it all, I never once felt like an intern, but a part of the staff. The humanization through inclusion was touching. Being welcomed to sit in on client meetings and offer advice in brainstorming sessions made me feel included throughout my social media surfing. For my last day, they even took me out to lunch at Newport’s York Street Cafe, an eclectic eatery with delightful dishes and eccentric decor sure to bring a warm smile to your face on the coldest of winter days! A fond farewell over lunch was the perfect end to my time at Eisen. I will miss every extraordinary moment.

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Keep being extraordinary!

Words of the Day: Thankful: for this opportunity. Potential: live up to it. Dreams: chase after ’em!

Intern Insight: “Being extraordinary” is all about being your best self.


Catherine Caldwell